Give your brand a creative uplift! Build a unique and innovative brand experience with customized promotional products.

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    From brainstorming on the initial concept to final design and development - we help you boost product recognition and brand awareness with the help of edgy, modern and engaging modern displays.

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    Say it all with the packaging! We develop one-of-a-kind, creative packaging solutions to enhance brand connection with consumers and maximize sales potential for your business.

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  • We developed this slim version of custom LED signs for the Heineken brand. The customer needed to place this sign in bars and restaurants but one of the key challenges they were facing was the space needed. They wanted us to develop a POS sign that did not consume too much space in the point of sale, was easy to hang and also easily customizable to change the graphics whenever…
    01 August, 2014
  • One of the recent trends among scotch drinkers is to avoid the melting of ice in their drinks since it takes away all the rich flavors and purity of the liquor, especially for single malts. However, single malt scotch is most commonly served on the rocks. So, we adapted the already-developed idea of cubic soap stones and converted them into a granite disc shape, placing a logo on the stone.…
    03 October, 2014
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