Slim LED Signs for Heineken

We developed this slim version of custom LED signs for the Heineken brand.

The customer needed to place this sign in bars and restaurants but one of the key challenges they were facing was the space needed. They wanted us to develop a POS sign that did not consume too much space in the point of sale, was easy to hang and also easily customizable to change the graphics whenever they needed.

The Team at Below Zero Marketing came up with this unique solution that incorporates the edge lighting acrylic of the logo on the top part, giving the sign a unique look. The edge lighting is illuminated with the same LED light that lights up the display graphics.

The total thickness of the sign is around 1 inch, which is perfect to hang this sign in any bar wall or back wall.  One of the main features that this development has is the easy interchangeable graphics function as we shown in the picture below: 

This easy exchange of graphics allows the customer to change their marketing campaign anytime they want which adds flexibility to this POS solution.

This LED lighting system will help save a lot in utility costs and the life cycle of the LED will keep this sign lighted up for a long time without the worry of maintenance. Also the LED lights are a green alternative to regular bulbs.

With regards to the developing and production time for this piece, it took us around 15 days to complete the edge lighting top logo mold and then 25 more days to have the production ready. The overall shipping time to anywhere around the globe usually takes another 30 to 45 days.

The competitive price of this POS Led sign allows our customers to incorporate it perfectly in their brand awareness strategies, and its unique placement give them an edge in advertising at restaurants, clubs and bars against other brands.

01 August, 2014