Granite Discs and Silk Pouches for Glenfiddich

One of the recent trends among scotch drinkers is to avoid the melting of ice in their drinks since it takes away all the rich flavors and purity of the liquor, especially for single malts.

However, single malt scotch is most commonly served on the rocks. So, we adapted the already-developed idea of cubic soap stones and converted them into a granite disc shape, placing a logo on the stone. We produced these granite discs for Glenfiddich and incorporated a similarly-branded velvet pouch to add to the luxurious appeal. These granite stones are first placed in the freezer and become very cold, and when they are added to the drink, they will chill it down quickly without any melting ice.

This will preserve all of the original flavors of the scotch while giving the consumer a chilled drink experience. Our client strategy was to include a set of 2 scotch granite stones inside a value-added pack which was given away with 1 Glenfiddich bottle to help increase their sales through trial and repurchase.

This was a highly well-received promotional item with a very low cost and positioned the brand positively in the market for the long term.

03 October, 2014